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The Most Luxurious Brands in the World

August 2nd, 2016 by .


Luxury brands are all about capturing that perfect balance of pedigree and performance. Luxury has long been the grace and decadence of privilege, but times are changing and wealthy millennials are all about seeking the experience rather than adorning themselves with bling.

Yet there are some brands that have their roots firmly set, brands that can bloom because they offer something extraordinary. These brands are elegant, timeless, and truly rare in their creative craftsmanship. These brands capture the very epitome of luxury.

Hart Audio

If music be the food of love, then Hart Audio have created a feast fit for kings. The well-known audiophile brand has created the world’s most expensive speaker with a staggering price tag of $4 million. The D&W Aural Pleasure is cast in solid gold and designed to reflect the days of ancient bell founding. They are said to deliver pure and perfect sound, with sophisticated audio technology that blows just about every other speaker out of the water. These speakers may be given a glorious edge from the gold, but it’s the impeccable craftsmanship that sets them apart.


If you want to choose a corkscrew that is sure to cost more than your bottle of wine- then Sveid is the place to turn. Sveid is all about contemporary luxury: taking everyday objects and turning them into something ingenious. The Sveid corkscrew is perhaps the most exclusive of these and come with a whopping price tag. The personal design ensures that you own something truly unique, and you get to be registered in the exclusive club of other owners. Along with decadent corkscrews, Sveid also designs cutlery, coat pegs, and hardware boxes.


Wrapping yourself up in something soft and special is perhaps one of the greatest luxuries of all. For lovers of impeccable linens, Frette is considered the most heavenly brand with their deliriously decadent sheets and fine bedding. Since 1860 Frette has been polishing their old-world French and Italian aura and now, in grandiose hotels across the globe, you know you are living in luxury when your bed is dressed in Frette. The sheets are stitched from the finest raw materials, loaded with stretch and torsion, and brimming with beautiful thread counts that ensure nothing but a darling slumber every time.


When you seek old-world opulence, Italian heritage, and luxury that comes with a lavish finish, then Baldi is the place to turn. Drawing on inspiration from the renaissance period and from the picture perfect lands of Florence, Baldi is renowned for crafting monumental collections such as the million-dollar rock crystal bathtub, the Russian mosaic Steinway Piano, and the bronze and precious stone clocks. The style certainly won’t be suited to everyone’s tastes, but you can be sure that these are one-of-a-kind pieces that simply cannot be imitated.

The Most Exclusive Addresses in the World

July 26th, 2016 by .

cap ferrat

Multi-million pound mansions, gilded gold streets, the sparkle of swimming pools, and celebrity neighbours – these are the very things you seek when you want to invest in one of the world’s most exclusive addresses. From the mountains of the French Alps to the casinos of Monaco, take a look at the most prestigious stretches of property in the whole world and start dreaming of making your move to join the property elite.

Boulevard Du Général De Gaulle, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Situated along the Mediterranean Côte d’Azur, this exclusive peninsula is no stranger to glamorous property. The centre of Old World style in the French Riviera, the perfectly preserved charm of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat has brought in the rich and famous in their droves for years. Boulevard Du Général De Gaulle deserves special mention for its incredible beachfront villas, where notable residents include Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and the average price per square metre exceeds $80,000. With stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, the nearby harbour and fabulous luxury restaurants for evening dining, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is the perfect slice of French prestige.

Courcheval, French Alps

If you dream of a holiday home nestled in the great white Alps, then Courcheval is the only place to buy. This is the epitome of winter luxury with chalets and snug properties soaring in their hundreds. Courcheval is hailed as one of the most prestigious places to own a property, with its extravagance of fine Michelin-starred dining, its easy access to all the best runs, and its signature après-ski lifestyle. This small town has certainly created a splash for winter sport enthusiasts seeking spa pampering, glorious apartments and a highly sought-after address high in the mountains.

Chianti Hills, Tuscany

Tuscany is famed for its fertile farmlands, its full-bodied red wines, its soft buttery light and its rustic romance. Yet the Chianti Hills are quickly growing to be one of the most exclusive areas in the world, particularly for those who want to escape the city splendour of Florence. This is the place to buy a home if you dream of faded frescoes, acres of vineyards, infinity pools, antique furnishings and dreamy views. The Chianti Hills has become one of the most expensive areas in the world to buy rural property. An old farmhouse, even in need of dramatic restoration, will still set you back by at least half a million pounds. But it’s made up for by the opportunity to own something truly unique: you could even splash the cash on a pretty little villa owned by Michelangelo himself.

Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona

Gaudi’s palaces, the sweet sea breeze blowing in from the Mediterranean, tapas after dark, and a lively energy any time of day – Barcelona is one of Europe’s most beloved cities. In terms of property, you’re not limited by choice. Paseo de Gracia gives you a fabulous opportunity to dig deep in your pocket. This may be Barcelona’s most expensive street, but it is also the most visually alluring. This is where some of the best architecture of our time can be found, wonders from Gaudi, Montaner and Cadalfach. Pretty facades and designer shops set the tone for the price of a simple apartment coming in at a cool million.

Platinum Coast, Barbados

Home to some of the most exclusive resorts in the whole of the Caribbean, the Platinum Coast of Barbados is every bit as exclusive as it sounds. Sun-drenched sands, swaying palms and an endless stretch of glorious turquoise sea makes it the perfect place to invest. At the infamous Sandy Lane, you can indulge in plenty of five-star pampering and even rub shoulders with the Beckhams. A five-bedroom villa in this exclusive spot will set you back by a considerably hefty amount – but it’s worth it to live a truly envious lifestyle.

Where to Read About Luxury Living

July 19th, 2016 by .


From lingering over the pages of a well-thumbed glossy magazine to sitting comfortably at your mahogany desk and surfing the net, sometimes we all need a little inspiration. Fortunately, in the world of luxury living, there are plenty of beautifully penned blogs and gorgeous glossies that offer all the latest information.

From seeking a far-flung five star retreat to picking the perfect Mont Blanc gift for someone you love, these are the very best resources for those who want to read about luxury living.

The Robb Report

The Robb Report is a website and print magazine dedicated to everything wonderful in this world. It is the CEO of wealthy resources and a single issue of the print version will set you back a hundred dollars. Yet you can get your exquisite fill on the website which is elegantly laid out to offer you the latest news on superyachts, exotic automobiles, fine jewellery, dashing home design and beautiful bespoke travel. The Robb Report truly is the expert in the room.

Forbes Lifestyle

Everyone is well accustomed to the Armani-clad, suited-and-booted Forbes. We have pored over their rich lists, devoured their well-placed business advice and quoted their expert articles a million times over. Yet within the pages of their lifestyle section you will find some killer content. This is the place to sniff out the best Kentucky bourbons for derby season, a beautiful ‘billionaire’ island retreat, and which styles are paving the way for high fashion. Perusing the sweeping layout so resplendent of the brand, you can find everything from food and drink to travel, business and style.

Telegraph Luxury

Telegraph Luxury is best explored in its online format, a place where wonderful journalism and a high-class breezy blog style come together to create something that suits a Sunday morning brunch. This is where you read about Portugal’s best hotels, the latest lakeside homes in Geneva, the best Italian shoes to come out of Milan’s fashion week, and the crème de la crème of the luxury art world. The layout is gorgeous, the visuals glorious, and the text is certainly appealing and brimming with useful insights and updates that will make you want to reach deep into your pockets.

Upscale Living

Upscale Living is another print publication that also carves its own way out on the web. A glossy with a glow, this well put together magazine has it all, whether you want to know how to throw together Caribbean lobster cakes for your superyacht soiree or read the latest specs on the new Porsche Turbo, which cigars to light up with your cognac, or the best wines to quaff this summer – this is your go-to for luxury living.

The Pursuitist

Blogs can be equally as beautiful as print publications, especially in an era when we are all cozying up with our smartphones and IPads. For those who prefer to screen read, The Pursuitist is a brilliant blog. Here you can browse everything from the virtual cellars of Maison and Cognac to the best luxury hotels in Chicago. You can go gourmet in their epicurean section, find inspiration for your next interior design project, and take a longing look at the latest Bugatti collection.

Unique Living

We might be biased, but we think our blog is one of the best resources on luxury living you can find anywhere online. Whether it’s fine dining in the French Riviera, the culture of Cannes or the top 5 attractions in Barbados, we bring you the choicest tips on experiencing the most wonderful locations of the world and the hottest news from the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

5 Top Restaurants in Vence

January 11th, 2016 by .


Located on the French Riviera, Vence is a highly popular tourist destination and enjoying a holiday in this area often inspires people to look for luxury villas for sale in Vence. When you are spending time in your villa, you will not want to spend hours in the kitchen cooking when you could be out exploring the area and making the most of your time here. Fortunately, there are some fantastic places to eat out while you are here. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular: Continue reading

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