Property Finding Service

Property Finding Service

We will provide you with a complimentary tailor-made Property Finder Service

Unique Living is an independent luxury estate agent specialising in prestige property overseas. However, unlike a traditional estate agent, we also specialise in finding property for buyers through our tailor-made Property Finder Service.

We understand that buying a luxury property overseas without all the support and information you need can be somewhat of a minefield.

This Property Finder Service comes without cost to you, the buyer and without obligation. For more information on how we do this Contact Us today.

Helping you find your Ideal Property

What do we offer with this service?

  • Many buyers do not have the time in their busy schedules to research the entire markets. Our aim is to work on your behalf to find the ideal property.
  • With a vast number of estate agents to choose from it is difficult to ensure that you are dealing with a licensed and legitimate company. Our local offices will ensure you see all the properties available that meet your requirements, even if through multiple estate agents.
  • We aim to educate you on the local markets in your language and understand the process of buying a property in the countries we operate, whether it is the conveyancing processes that differ in each location to the mortgage and finance solutions. we can provide you with all the local expertise you need to include property market knowledge, area information and laws and policies. We also offer after-sales support whether you require private finance, interior design or concierge services.
  • Our local teams are fluent in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portugese. We also provide support in Russian, Swedish and Norwegian.
  • Many of the properties found online are not updated and are unavailable for sale. We aim to be fully transparent about the market, providing updated availability of properties for sale through Unique Living and other companies that are marketing properties.
Talk to our property finder team today What do we offer?

Why do we offer this service?

Our aim is to remove all of these issues of buying abroad, simply by doing all the work and research for you. Buying a property overseas should be a pleasure, not the often stressful experience that it can be when done independently. Our goal is to eradicate the pitfalls and ensure you are exposed to 100% of the luxury property market. We are not restricted to the properties we have for sale making sure that you find your ideal property.

From prestige villas and penthouse apartments to chalets and boutique hotels either on the open market or off market, whatever your requirements we work to source you only the best in luxury property. Through our tailor-made Property Finder Service, we invest significant time and energy into finding clients their dream second residence, holiday home or pure investment, removing the stress and unfamiliarity associated with acquiring property overseas.

For more than a decade we have sourced, negotiated and secured spectacular properties on behalf of buyers ensuring that we find the right property for their needs. Unlike traditional Estate Agents, if we do not have the property in our own portfolio we will extend our service to search 100% of the market for our clients to find the right property.

What do we offer?

How does the property finder service work

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  • Step 1: Your Requirements

    Our initial goal is to fully understand your budgetary requirements and timeframe to purchase, ideally at a face-to-face meeting. This fact-finding stage allows our expert property finders to put together the perfect portfolio tailored to you. We can also introduce you to our Mortgage & Finance Solutions team at this stage who can help you ascertain all the costs involved with buying a property in your chosen locations and the best finance structures for your needs.

    If at any time you see anything online you want us to arrange an appointment for, investigate, or best depicts the type of property you wish to acquire, please e-mail us the link and we will do the rest.

  • Step 2: Your Portfolio

    After a few days we will send you through a suitable selection of properties, both officially listed for sale and some more exclusively and discreetly marketed, that we have gathered from our local offices and contacts.

  • Step 3: Your Initial Shortlist

    Once you have reviewed your tailor-made portfolio, we ask you to shortlist the properties that you wish to visit and to get more of a feel for the areas. We will arrange viewings around your travel arrangements and schedule and organise your entire itinerary for your visit based on your schedule.

  • Step 4: Your Final Shortlist and Feedback

    Time to reflect! Once you have visited your properties the next stage is to provide our team a final shortlist and your feedback – hopefully at this stage you will have found something you really like. From your feedback, we can then arrange second viewings and conduct research and present the best tactic for negotiation.

    If your first visit isn’t to your satisfaction, and you haven’t found what you are looking for or need to review or adapt your criteria, we shall work with you to find something else.

  • Step 5: Negotiations

    Our consultants will research the history of each property you would like to re-visit including historical offers. This allows us to identify the best price for the property, which then allows us to set out a strategy of negotiation with you. We can oversee any negotiations on your behalf with the other party, in order to quickly secure your preferred property.

  • Step 6: Agreeing a price and conveyancing

    Once a price has been agreed for the sale we can assist with the conveyancing process, by introducing you to lawyers or notaries and advising through every stage of this process to ensure a smooth and amicable transaction.

  • Step 7: Aftersales

    When you have completed the acquisition of your new property, we offer a range of after-sales services via our local offices from rental services to the management of your property. Our local office will cater for your specific requirements and needs.

Call back request

For more information about how we can help you find your ideal overseas luxury property, contact our Property Finder team today.

The Property Finder Service comes without cost to you, the buyer and without obligation. For more information on how we do this contact us today via our call back request.

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