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February 24th, 2014 | by Serge Cowan

3 Bedroom Villa, Pomos, Paphos, Cyprus

After our post last week looking at this stunning luxury property in Cyprus we thought it best to take another more in-depth look at just what makes this property, and country so wonderful. Cyprus has always been famous for having the best bits of the surrounding three continents, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Whatever you’re looking for from a holiday Cyprus supplies in abundance. The coastline is host to hundreds of beautiful, award winning beaches, holiday resorts and more intimate fishing villages

Nestled underneath the infamous Paphos mountains is the large village of Pamos, where this idyllic villa, that was recently reduced in price, resides. Known as the relaxation centre of Cyprus this property couldn’t be better placed. Add to that the high quality finish and private development and you are sure to have a well-deserved luxury break.

Our perfect Pomos offering has been so cleverly designed, with influences from the Bauhaus design movement, that it manages to appear ultra contemporary, yet still be sympathetic to it’s traditional Mediterranean village surroundings. This open plan property emphasises the importance of the outdoors by the constant use of glass and full length doors enabling the house to be part of the landscape rather than separate to it. The huge plot, measuring 1600 square metres is in an elevated position to enable the views to be fully appreciated. You are able to look right across the Cypriot mountains and the Mediterranean Sea and not be overlooked by neighbours from any angle. It is an extremely private estate with a high quality alarm system, has a garage, direct access to the sea, gorgeous pool and easy to maintain gardens.

It’s got to be said no holds have been barred in terms of the high tech gadgets in this luxury property. There are electronic pergolas and blinds for when you want to feel that little bit more private, or to simply get a break from the relentlessly good weather this region is party to.

Speaking of parties, the built in surround sound system is perfect for making the most of the properties remote location and inviting some friends over to enjoy your choice of tunes, as loudly as you wish.The BBQ area might also come in handy, which is sea facing so enjoy an evening that offers great cuisine and entertainment options.

As the sun sets the under floor heating in the villa gives that cosy feel without making the property feel stuffy and warm, its these extra gadgets that launch this property head and shoulders above the rest.

Just to further tempt you with this must have getaway, it can be purchased either inclusive or exclusive of furniture, meaning you could literally have a ready-made home, to save you the trouble, if required.

Two of the three bedrooms have en suite bathrooms as well as a main family sized bathroom so is perfect for having family and friends to stay. As already mentioned, the living and dining space inside the house is open plan but is much larger than the average so if come alone time is what you need there are plenty of choices, including the huge outside veranda.

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Serge Cowan

Serge Cowan

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