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October 13th, 2015 | by Serge Cowan

5 Top Attractions in Barbados

Moving abroad or buying a holiday home is a big decision. You will need to be sure that when you are staying in your luxury villa you can find plenty of things to do that interest you during your time there. When looking at properties for sale in Barbados, it is worth checking out the attractions on the island to make sure they are things that appeal to you so that you know there will be plenty of stuff that you can enjoy. During your search for luxury villas for sale in Barbados, you might like to visit some of the following top attractions:

St. Nicholas Abbey

Lovers of history and architecture will adore this beautiful abbey. The tour, which includes a video, is both interesting and educational. It is a great opportunity to learn about the history of Barbados and the way that people have lived on the island in times gone by.

Mount Gay Visitor Centre

Barbados is famous for its rum production and, if you want to find out more about this, the Mount Gay Visitor Centre is the ideal attraction for you to visit. The guide takes you through each part of the distilling process and talks about the history of producing rum on the island. There is also the opportunity to both sample and buy the products produced here too.

Harrison’s Cave

Located in Saint Thomas’ Parish, this stunning cave is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. You journey through a mountain and then deep below the surface of Barbados to see some spectacularly beautiful natural sights. It is best to visit here in the morning so you have the time to explore the cave thoroughly and take advantage of a guided tour.


This is a sunken shipwreck off of the coast of Barbados and it is a hotspot for diving enthusiasts, many of whom come here from all across the globe. Novices, too, have the opportunity to see the beautiful underwater world and the amazing marine life that lives around the wreck by booking scuba diving sessions with an experienced instructor.

Barbados Concorde Experience

Anyone interested in aviation, travel, or technology will love a visit to the Barbados Concorde Experience. As one of the most famous aeroplanes in the world, many people dream of flying on Concorde. Unfortunately, it has now been decommissioned, so the recreated experience here is the closest that many people are likely to ever get. This is a fun day out that is suitable for all the family.

Each of these attractions holds different things for different people and will suit a variety of visitors to this beautiful part of the world. Once you have discovered everything that this amazing island has to offer, you can concentrate your efforts on looking at property for sale in Barbados so you can enjoy each of your preferred attractions whenever you spend time in your luxury villa.


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