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December 7th, 2015 | by Serge Cowan

Appreciate the Experience of Luxury in Morzine

When people visit Morzine in the French Alps, they usually want to spend their time enjoying winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding. Being close to the slopes and spending as much time on them as possible is generally the predominant reason why people choose to look for properties for sale in Morzine.

However, if this is something you are considering doing yourself, you will probably want things other than skiing to do when you are spending a lot of time in your property. If it is luxury villas for sale in Morzine that you are interested in, then you will want to learn more about how your time in this area can be spent enjoying a luxurious experience, so we thought we’d give you some pointers:
The Golf Course

Those who enjoy spending time outdoors but want a pastime that is of a slower pace than many of the activities on the slopes may enjoy spending their time at the golf course. The 18-hole course at Les Gets Golf Course offers amazing views of Mont Blanc.

Beauty Treatments

Many people feel better about themselves when they look good. Having the time to spend pampering yourself is something that could be considered a luxury and it is something you will have the opportunity to do frequently during your time in Morzine as there are many establishments offering beauty treatments here. Some of the best include Element Ame Energie Spa and Clair Moment Spa.


A massage is the ultimate way to relax and rid yourself of the stresses and strains of modern life, so you’ll be pleased to hear that there are many great spas offering this service around Morzine. You can even opt for a mobile massage service to visit you in your luxury villa saving you the hassle of travelling if you so wish.

Eating Out

To make the most of the luxury lifestyle in your villa, you will not want to spend hours of your time cooking each day. Fortunately, there are some fantastic places to eat in and around the Morzine area. For an excellent meal in a relaxed atmosphere, try Restaurant Le Petit Coq. If you want to stay in your chalet or villa but do not want the stress of cooking yourself, you can hire The Chalet Host Company to come and prepare exquisite meals for you.

Helicopter Tours

The views in Morzine are breathtaking and this is something you will have taken in if you have spent time on the slopes. If you want to experience the spectacular scenery from a different perspective, however, helicopter tours are the ideal choice. A birds-eye view of this area is outstanding at any time of the year.

When you are looking for a property for sale in Morzine and once you have completed your purchase, these are just some of the activities you can enjoy that will allow you to truly experience the luxury of living in such a fabulous part of the world.

Serge Cowan

Serge Cowan

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