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June 19th, 2014 | by Serge Cowan

Italian Luxury Property: 10 Bedroom B & B, Volterra, Italy

Why have a holiday home when you could purchase another stunning luxury property in the form of this stunning luxury B&B, nestled away in the secluded Italian sun trap of Volterra. Our sentiments exactly, which is why this brick built, traditional Italian 10 bedroom property will be under the microscope for this weeks post.

Situated amongst the Umbrian hills, enjoying weather and views to die for, this luxury bed and breakfast consists of several buildings scattered across the half an acre plot. It is situated just above the medieval hamlet of Santa Giuliana which, as with the entire region is full of historical sites.

Three of the four buildings frame a quaint Mediterranean courtyard which are split into the 18th Century Farmhouse which includes two apartments, the owners house, a lovely 14th century olive mill with an apartment on the top floor and finally, an independent cottage that overlooks the swimming pool. All buildings and interiors have been restored over a lengthy 12-year period resulting in an estate that combines modern living expectations with the traditional undertones. The possibilities are endless here, as all of the specialist, structural work has been done so the usage is up to you.

The huge plot of land and gardens have so much scope and could be left as they are, to roam by guests, at their leisure, or alternatively could have sporting facilities or more accommodation built upon it, if permission were given. The 15m swimming pool is perfect for the amount of guests the buildings currently hold and offers unrivalled privacy and relaxation.

15 meter swimming pool

Enjoy the gorgeous Mediterranean climate whilst renting out some of this luxury accommodation. Alternatively, ship all of your family and friends out to Volterra for the Summer without the hassle of booking hotels in the midst of the tourist areas. With an impressive 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms in total, this plot is perfect for jet setting yourself whilst also achieving a healthy and reliable income from rental. The B & B is currently rented throughout the summer and has not struggled, maintaining booking throughout the economic downturn.

interior bed and breakfast

The surroundings of the property are infamous for their typically Italian lifestyle. Umbria is in fact the only Italian region that does not have a coastline or common border with another country. It is also host to picturesque lakes and rivers and is known also for their landscapes, history and influence on culture.

scenic italian hillsides

Although hidden away, this gem isn’t too difficult to bolt to after a few difficult weeks at work. Umbria is surrounded by airports, which offer airport transfers or, do a little exploring yourself and hire a car and go the scenic route. Locals recommend if you wish to visit Florence, Rome or any other of the larger cities to do so by train, as cars aren’t able to access the city itself, very efficiently.

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For more information please read our luxury location guide on Umbria or alternatively don’t hesitate to call or email one of the team.

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