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Tuscany is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, rich historical past, artistic legacy and distinctive rustic style luxury properties.

Tuscany is best known for characterful country houses and luxury farmhouses perched in rolling green countryside dotted with Cypress trees. But, as one of the most desired destinations in Italy for luxury property, Tuscany offers a variety of property styles to match its landscape; everything from picturesque hilltop residences to waterfront homes.

Tuscany has a number of towns that offer more contemporary luxury living and the cities of Florence, Pisa, Lucca, and Siena, offer history, style, charm, city life, and some amazing apartments. Tuscany also benefits from spectacular terraced coastlines which host some amazing luxury villas.

The area appeals to property buyers of all kinds but especially those with a love of Italy and all the Italian countryside has to offer. It’s famous of course, for its culinary delights and wines, including Chianti, named after the place of its birth.

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We have the finest luxury property and villas for sale in either Tuscany or Sardinia, two of Italy’s most prestige locations, please select your preferred destination below:

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