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The Central Algarve provides a perfect destination for both luxury property ownership and travel. The area is famed for its golden coastline and favourable climate throughout the year.

Situated along the coastline are the world-class golf resorts such as Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago. The Golden Triangle provides a hub of boutique shopping districts as well as leading restaurants for all the surrounding residents and visitors. Home to some beautiful exclusive apartments and luxury villas for sale, the Central Algarve is a stunning place to own a residence.

The Central Algarve is not only famed for its coastline but also its rural countryside. The many historic attractions and thousands of species of flora and fauna, make it the perfect holiday destination for interests such as photography, painting, nature watching, walking and other outdoor pursuits.

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Whether you are a golf enthusiast looking for an elegant villa or luxurious apartment, or you are looking to relocate to a relaxing beach location, we have a host of luxury properties for sale across the Algarve.

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