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January 5th, 2015 | by Serge Cowan

The Balearics : Must-Have Villas For Sale in Ibiza

Often associated solely with its nightlife, Ibiza is an island with so much more to offer both residents and visitors alike. Although little known, there is a side to this destination more closely associated with luxury and sophistication than one would expect. Part of the Balearic Islands and located in the Mediterranean Sea, the climate and stunning beauty of this island is a massive draw to tourists.

Some people enjoy their time here so much that they end up looking at property for sale in Ibiza so they can enjoy the Island regularly throughout the year. If you are looking for luxury villas for sale in Ibiza, you might be surprised at the diversity this island has to offer.

The cultural experience
As we’ve already touched on, it’s not all about the nightlife. In fact, Ibiza Town is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This makes it the ideal setting for experiencing a little culture and history. There are a total of ten museums on the island, so there are always new exhibitions to see. Museums and churches are an important part of the whole cultural and historical experience of the island.

culture in ibiza church

Water sports and the coast
Whether you prefer a stroll along the coast or participating in some fun, sporting action, there is something for everyone in Ibiza. For anyone living or staying on the coast, water sports are a popular activity and there is a wide selection of different activities to take part in. Surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and scuba diving are some of the water-based activities you can choose from. If you enjoy the sea but want to exert a little less energy, then a boat trip could be the ideal choice. Taking it down to the next level of relaxation, why not just spend some time enjoying one of Ibiza’s amazing beaches? Soak up the rays, enjoy the spectacular sea views and have some family fun.

villas for sale in ibiza

Things to do
If you can persuade yourself to leave the beach, then there are plenty more things to do here. If your life is not complete without enjoying a little retail therapy from time to time, then you are in the right place. Everything from contemporary shopping centres to traditional markets along the ancient streets of Ibiza Town can be found here. Staying here with your family? There are fun activities to suit all ages including water parks and theme parks as well.

ibiza marketplace

Events throughout the year
Many celebrations take place across the island throughout the year. Music and food are a large focus of many of these events and festivals, as you would expect. However, if you are here during the summer months, then you can enjoy the spectacle of the fiestas and get involved with some of the community-focused activities held at these times.

ibiza cultural festivals

Eating out
Where you eat on the island will depend on the type of food typically served in the restaurants. While inland restaurants offer local meat-based specialities, the restaurants along the coast generally serve lots of locally caught fish and seafood. Eating experiences range from street cafes to fine dining and bar snacks to sea view restaurants.

eating out ibiza

Regardless of your interests, this fascinating island has something for everyone. If you are currently considering buying a property abroad as a holiday home or for permanent residence, then looking for properties for sale in Ibiza is an excellent starting point. Whether you prefer a traditional Spanish home or a luxury villa, there are options here for everyone. Villas in Ibiza range from tradition style finca’s to more contemporary examples of luxury villa for sale.


Featured Luxury Real Estate in Ibiza

  • luxury 5 Bed Luxury Villa sant antoni ibiza



    5 Bedroom Luxury Villa

    Sant Antoni, Ibiza


  • 3 Bed Luxury Villa santa eulalia ibiza



    3 Bedroom Luxury Villa

    Santa Eulalia, Ibiza


  • 4 Bed Luxury Villa sant josep ibiza villa for sale



    4 Bedroom Luxury Villa

    Sant Josep, Ibiza


  • 6 Bed Luxury ibiza villa for sale



    6 Bedroom Luxury Villa

    Sant Josep, Ibiza



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