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September 1st, 2015 | by Serge Cowan

The Top 8 Things to Do in The Balearics


The Balearics are amongst the most popular holiday destinations for people from the UK. The Mediterranean climate, the proximity to the British Isles and the relaxed way of life are just some of the features that appeal to holidaymakers. It is not uncommon for people who enjoy holidaying here to look for property for sale in the Balearics, either as a holiday home or as a permanent residence. This way, they get to spend a lot more time in their favourite destination.

The properties for sale in the Balearics vary in size, style and price, so there is a home for everyone. If buying a property abroad is something you are considering, then you will want to make sure that there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained while you are there. Here are some of the top things to do in the Balearics:

1. Palma Cathedral, Mallorca


Just a short walk away from Palma’s coast is the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma. This is one of the most stunning architectural achievements in Mallorca. This outstanding Gothic structure is the ideal attraction for those with an interest in history, culture, religion and architecture.

2. A VIP Table at Pacha, Ibiza


Ibiza is famous for its nightlife. Make the most of the night-time entertainment here by getting yourself a VIP table at Pacha, one of the best and most exclusive nightclubs on the island.

3. Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca


Not only is this one of the most beautiful areas of Mallorca, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The views over the region are breath-taking. Walking and mountain biking are popular activities in this area.

4. Ibiza Boat Charters


What could be more synonymous with luxury than hiring your own yacht for the day? Hiring a boat or a yacht is a great way to have fun, ride the waves and enjoy some different views of the Balearic Islands.

5. Xoriguer Gin Distillery, Menorca


Influenced by a British invasion, Menorca has been producing gin since the eighteenth century. If this is your tipple of choice, then a trip to the island’s distillery is a fabulous way to spend the day. The guided tour includes the history of gin production on the island, an explanation of the production process and plenty of opportunities to sample their wares. You can also buy their gin to take home and enjoy at your leisure.

6. Enjoy Regattas in Mallorca

Mapfre PalmaVela - Day 1

Regattas are held throughout the year in Mallorca. Some of the highlights of the regatta calendar include PalmaVela in April, the Copa del Rey between July and August and the Superyacht Cup in October.

7. Massage Treatments in Ibiza


When people want to relax in the Balearics, they often head to the beach. An alternative to this is to take advantage of the many luxury massage services available on all the islands. In addition to the tranquillity you will feel throughout the experience, there are also many health benefits of taking time out for a massage.

8. Wine Tasting in Menorca


Bodegas Binifadet is Menorca’s largest winery. You have the option to enjoy walking around the vineyards at your own leisure or take one of their guided tours. As part of your visit, you can try samples of their wines, grape jelly and goat cheese. You also have the option to purchase their many products.

If you are currently looking for luxury villas for sale in the Balearics, knowing there are so many interesting activities to do right on your doorstep is appealing. The types of activities you enjoy and what is available on each of the islands can help to determine whereabouts you decide to buy your luxury villa.

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